Tips for safe travel

Guns are illegal in Mexico
Baja California has had the lowest unemployment rate in all of Mexico for more than 10 years. Thus, violent crime is low and random violence is rare. However, it is always wise to use the same safety and antitheft precautions you would use at home. Lock your car and use a Club-like device. Don't leave valuables in full view on car seats, and park in supervised lots or well-lighted places.

The water
Baja's drinking water comes from wells and has been considered safe for years. There is a Mexican federal law stating that restaurants must serve purified, "drinkable" water, tested free of contaminants, both for drinking and for ice. Nevertheless, most hotels in tourist areas provide bottled water in guest rooms. Popular international brands of bottled water also are sold virtually everywhere.

The language
Relax. English is widely spoken in the Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada tourist areas. U.S. currency is accepted for shopping, traveling or dining. And if driving, you can expect excellent roads and easy-to-follow signage in both English and Spanish.

The currency
If you prefer to use pesos, the best exchange rates will be found at the numerous and highly competitive money exchanges near the border on San Ysidro Boulevard - on the US side. Do not pay a commission. Remember that prices can change in Mexico from one day to the next due to fluctuation in the peso. Also, event starting times and merchant business hours can change without notice. Always call before leaving for your destination.


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